Welcome to Mazda Technical Training Australia. Mazda Technical Training Australia provides quality training in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology for it's apprenticeship training program. Mazda is built on a foundation of imagination and ingenuity. It’s the fuel behind all we create and achieve. It has given us SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, ‘KODO - Soul of Motion’ design, the revolutionary Rotary Engine and countless successes that once only existed in someone’s imagination. Imagination is an integral part of our innovative cars.

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MTTA delivers training in AUR30620
Certificate III Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology


About Us

Mazda Technical Training Australia (Mazda) is committed to having a professional service network with a high standard of skill level to be able to service and repair Mazda products now and into the future.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we provide quality assured and nationally recognised training services.

Our services are regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Click below link to view the latest audit report.



The Mazda Apprenticeship Program has been designed to equip you with the relevant skills and knowledge to become fully qualified in your chosen career. The Apprenticeship lasts three years and consists of a variety of workplace and off-the-job training. You will be given full support to help you successfully complete the program.

Mazda Technical Training Australia has in place a comprehensive training program for Mazda Dealer Technicians (Technicians) to further support the technical service, repair and maintenance of current and future Mazda vehicle systems and technologies. The successful completion of AUR30620 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology apprenticeship program is one of the foundations for a Technician's career path development.

This program is suited to individuals that are eligible to be an apprentice for a Mazda Dealership. All apprentices are employed through a Mazda Dealership.

AUR30620 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology prepares new employees or recognises and develops existing workers performing mechanical work in the automotive light vehicle service and repair industry.

For QLD students this training is funded by the Queensland Government under the User Choice program.

For VIC students this training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding.

For NSW students this training is funded by the NSW Government https://smartandskilled.nsw.gov.au/home

Visit The Mazda Apprentice Program Brochure to get more information.

Training Requirements

Entry Requirements

Apprentices are selected for the Mazda Apprentice Training Program after they have been nominated by a Mazda Dealership. To be accepted into the program, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be employed as an Apprentice at a Mazda Dealership and aged no less than 17 years old at the commencement of training
  • Must have completed a minimum Year 10 (or equivalent) at Secondary School
  • Must complete an online application
  • Must pass the Mazda pre-selection assessment (refer to the LL&N policy & procedure)
  • Applicants may also be interviewed by an MTTA Trainer by phone or in person as part of the application pre-selection process.
Enrolment Process

Once the student has been adequately informed about the course (as per the entry requirements), the potential student may complete and submit an Enrolment Form along with the Privacy Statement & Student Declaration. The submission of the enrolment form does not guarantee acceptance to the course.

An MTTA representative will confirm that the student is eligible for enrolment by checking if eligibility is required for entry into the course:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • USI requirements
  • Student Declarations
  • LLN requirements

MTTA's representative will also explain the Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) processes and requirements and assist the student to make an application if required

Once the enrolment is approved, details of the enrolment will be confirmed and the student will be notified in writing via an Enrolment Confirmation Letter

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Obtaining a Unique Student Identifier (USIs)

On application/enrolment, the students will be asked to obtain and supply a unique student identifier. This will be achieved by the students entering their Unique Student Identifier (USI) into MTTA's online application tool (VETenrol), which also contains instructions on how to obtain the identifier.

NOTE: If you have not yet obtained a USI you can apply for it directly at https://www.usi.gov.au/students/how-do-i-create-usi on a computer or mobile device.

Please see the instructions in the 'Application User Guide' on One.Mazda to link your USI to the training provider.

Pathways into the Qualification

Credit may be granted towards this qualification by those who have completed AUR20520 - Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology, AUR20720 - Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation or other relevant qualifications.

Units of competency

To be awarded this qualification, competency must be demonstrated in 36 units of competency.

Year 1

  • AURASA102 Follow safe working practices in an automotive workplace
  • AURAEA002 Follow environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace
  • AURTTK102 Use and maintain tools and equipment in an automotive workplace
  • AURTTA104 Carry out servicing operations
  • AURTTB101 Inspect and service braking systems
  • AURTTE104 Inspect and service engines
  • AURTTX102 Inspect and service manual transmissions
  • AURTTX103 Inspect and service automatic transmissions
  • AURTTF102 Inspect and service diesel fuel injection systems
  • AURETR112 Test and repair basic electrical circuits
  • AURETR125 Test, charge and replace batteries and jump-start vehicles
  • AURTTF101 Inspect and service petrol fuel systems
  • AURTTA118 Develop and carry out diagnostic test strategies
  • AURTTC103 Diagnose and repair cooling systems
  • AURLTD105 Diagnose and repair light vehicle suspension systems
  • AURLTD104 Diagnose and repair light vehicle steering systems
  • AURLTX103 Diagnose and repair light vehicle clutch systems
  • AURLTB103 Diagnose and repair light vehicle hydraulic braking systems

Year 2

  • AURLTQ101 Diagnose and repair light vehicle final drive assemblies
  • AURLTQ102 Diagnose and repair light vehicle drive shafts
  • AURETR130 Diagnose and repair starting systems
  • AURETR129 Diagnose and repair charging systems
  • AURETR131 Diagnose and repair ignition systems
  • AURLTE102 Diagnose and repair light vehicle engines
  • AURETD101 Diagnose and repair electronically controlled steering systems
  • AURLTX101 Diagnose and repair light vehicle manual transmissions
  • AURLTX102 Diagnose and repair light vehicle automatic transmissions
  • AURETR123 Diagnose and repair spark ignition engine management systems
  • AURLTZ101 Diagnose and repair light vehicle emission control systems

Year 3

  • AURETR124 Diagnose and repair compression ignition engine management systems
  • AURTTF105 Diagnose and repair engine forced-induction systems
  • AURAFA103 Communicate effectively in an automotive workplace
  • AURETR132 Diagnose and repair automotive electrical systems
  • AURETR122 Diagnose and repair vehicle dynamic control systems
  • AURETR144 Diagnose and repair integrated engine and transmission management systems
  • AURETR143 Diagnose and repair electronic body management systems

MTTA is committed to providing an engaging, positive and productive training and learning experience. We work closely with our Dealerships to develop and deliver customised training, specific to each organisation. A blending-learning mode of delivery is utilised which includes online virtual-classes, self-directed learning activities supported by face-to-face practical learning and assessment activities at our training facilities. For individual apprentices attending our training facilities, a range of training methods are used including trainer presentations, small group work, practical demonstrations and hands-on activities. We encourage the apprentice to be actively involved in the learning process and make the most of their time with our highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers.

As part of MTTA entry requirements to this course, all learners must be:

  • Employed in a work environment which supports the application of the theory and skills required in this qualification
  • The training is delivered over 36 months.

This schedule allows for sufficient time for practice and consolidation in the workplace of the skills introduced at the training session and completion of the workplace based projects and other assessment tasks.


Assessment is about gathering evidence which demonstrates the skills and knowledge the learner has acquired and may include any combination of the options outlined below:

  • question and answer to show the learner’s knowledge (these may be completed either written or verbally)
  • multiple choice assessment to show the student’s knowledge (these may be completed either written or electronically)
  • practical demonstrations of skills (observed over time directly by the assessor)

The workplace contribution will include:

  • Providing opportunities for the apprentice to practice required skills

Learners are informed of the assessment requirements in general at the commencement of the program. The specific assessment requirements are discussed at the individual training sessions and the learner is supplied with assessment documents with details of the tasks to be completed including the Assessor observation report.

The document includes the assessor observation report so the learner is well prepared for a demonstration. Performance must be demonstrated consistently over a period of time and in a suitable range of contexts.

No part of this qualification is assessed in the workplace.

Pathways from the qualification

Further training pathways from this qualification include:

  • AUR40216 Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis
  • AUR40820 Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Overhauling
  • Other relevant qualifications

The AUR30620 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology prepares new employees or recognises and develops existing workers performing mechanical work in the automotive light vehicle service and repair industry.

Job roles related to this qualification include:

  • light vehicle mechanical technician


Student Resources

Find all the essential student resources and information relating to the Mazda Apprentice Program including access to the Student Portal, Student Handbook, MTTA Online Service standards, NSW Smart and Skilled Student Information Pack, Credit Transfer and Student Leave Forms, Policies/Responsibilities, Student Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure and Student Support. These documentations are required for the students to be aware of.

Student Portal Login
Student Handbook
MTTA Online Service Standards
NSW Smart & Skilled Student Information Pack
Credit Transfer Policy and Application Form
Student Leave Request Form
Helplines and Personal Development Resources
Beyondblue is the national initiative to raise awareness of anxiety and depression, providing resources for recovery, management and resilience. beyondblue provides information resources on depression and anxiety, free of charge, to the Australian community 1300 224 636www.beyondblue.org.au
Headspace provides a free online and telephone service that support young people aged between 12 and 25 years of age and their families 1800 650 890www.headspace.org.au
Heads Up is an initiative developed by beyondblue in collaboration with the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance. The Heads Up website provides a ‘one stop shop’ for free, simple and practical information and resources to manage a broad range of mental health issues, for individuals at all levels within a workplace, and for organisations of all sizes and across all industries www.headsup.org.au
LIFE Communications is a National Suicide Prevention Strategy project managed by On the Line on behalf of the Department of Health www.livingisforeveryone.com.au/Training.html
MensLine Australia provides a free and confidential service dedicated to supporting men with family and relationship issues 1300 78 99 78www.mensline.org.au

Dealer Resources

Find all essential information relating to the Dealer Apprenticeship Program including Structured Training Release Form and the Employer Handbook which includes the rights and responsibilities. These documentations are required by your employer so they are aware and notified of your apprenticeship program with Mazda.

Structured Training Release Form
Employer Progress Portal
MyProfiling (Electronic Diary Verification)

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Mazda Technical Training Australia
211a Wellington Road
Mulgrave VIC 3170
RTO # 41188
MTTA delivers training in AUR30620 Certificate III Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology